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LISTEN: Bill Simmons Talks ESPN, HBO, Mike And The Mad Dog, More With Francesa

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- Bill Simmons recently said that "it was always a dream" to be a guest on Mike Francesa's WFAN radio program.

Well the former ESPN columnist and commentator -- now with HBO -- fulfilled that dream on Tuesday when he joined Francesa on the air for a highly anticipated segment.

The interview didn't disappoint. In fact, you could argue that it exceeded expectations.

It began with Simmons revealing that his favorite radio show of all-time is "Mike and the Mad Dog," which ran on WFAN from 1989-2008 and was co-hosted by Francesa and Chris Russo. Simmons implored Francesa to reunite with the "Mad Dog," and Francesa admitted that he's always been open to it. Francesa explained that it might not be economically feasible, however.

Speaking of "Mike and the Mad Dog," Francesa broke the news that there will be a "30 for 30" about the iconic radio duo on ESPN. He also acknowledged that after Russo left WFAN, Francesa called Simmons about potentially co-hosting with him. Simmons said it was one of the best calls he's ever received -- he actually thought it was a prank -- but he couldn't entertain the offer because he had just signed a long-term deal.

Simmons went into detail about his suspension from ESPN for calling NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a liar, and confirmed that he found out on Twitter that he was fired by the company. Simmons also said that he believes the NFL may have had a hand in the suspension.

As for the future, Simmons gave listeners a glimpse into what he has in store with HBO moving forward.

When it came to sports talk, Simmons -- a Boston guy through and through -- offered his thoughts on "Deflategate," the Patriots' success and the Celtics' outlook for the upcoming season.

Much, much more was discussed and plenty of laughter ensued. Below you can listen to the full interview in its entirety.

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