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Coyote Spotted Hiding Behind Bush At Middle Village, Queens Home

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - A coyote curled up behind a bush at a home in Queens Monday morning before taking off and out-maneuvering police.

In the latest coyote sighting in the New York City area, a coyote was spotted in the front yard of a Middle Village resident's home just before noon.

Celia Carrano called 911 when she saw the animal getting cozy in her yard, CBS2's Emily Smith reported.

"A lady said, 'Is this an emergency?' I said I think so -- there's a coyote under my bedroom window!," said Carrano.

The NYPD responded with tranquilizers as both excitement and fear built in the community, Smith reported.

Rumors started spreading that schools and parks had closed.

That was not true, but officers did shut down a section of 71st Street surrounding the coyote for about 30 minutes while they asked neighbors and spectators to stand back.

Joe Petito tweeted the NYPD officers on the scene were getting ready to tranquilize the animal when the coyote suddenly leapt up and sprinted into nearby Juniper Valley Park.

"Everyone's a little nervous, a little skeptical of the situation, a little curious too because they're trying to figure out how a coyote managed its way into the suburbs of Middle Village," Petito told 1010 WINS.  "There's too many random wild animals running around the suburbs of New York."

Middle Village Coyote
A coyote is seen running through Middle Village, Queens. (Credit: CBS2)

After missing the opportunity to nab the wily coyote, a hunt ensued with police speeding through the town looking for a way to trap the animal before ultimately giving up for the day, Smith reported.

The coyote is still on the loose.

Over the weekend, police captured a coyote in lower Manhattan.

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