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Microskin Makeup A 'Second Skin' Over Birthmarks

NEW YORK (CBS) -- Spider veins, birth marks, burns, scars, even tattoos: Many people have some kind of skin issue they'd like to hide. Makeup is one option, but it's messy, doesn't last long, and rubs off on clothes.

But now there's an amazing new way to conceal skin problems.

"I was always aware that I looked different than other girls. And I was aware that I longed to be plain," birthmark patient Catherine Carella-Dean said.

It's hard to imagine what an attractive woman like Carella-Dean could be talking about. But CBS 2 HD watched closely as she explained.

"Growing up with a port wine stain this large and this noticeable was challenging in many respects," she said of the mark on her face.

It wasn't easy but Catherine developed into a strong, confident woman. Still, professionally, she wanted to camouflage her birthmark, which meant very heavy makeup.

"Eating, drinking coffee, just perspiring naturally while you're in your line of work, working out. It all requires constant touching up," Carella-Dean said.

Then she discovered Microskin. That's what helped her make the remarkable transformation. It's a silicone-based cover-up that's sprayed on with a simple airbrush. And because its silicone-based, it's actually like a second skin.

"It adheres to the skin's surface. So it's staying on, it's not gonna rub off. You can sweat. You can swim. It's not gonna wash off until you take it off," said Dr. Lori Brightman of the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York.

In order to precisely match your skin tone, technicians take computerized readings to get the color just right.

But to understand how life-changing Microskin can be, CBS 2 HD got a look at some pretty compelling before and after photos. We saw vitiligo, where the skin loses its pigment, and large port wine stains.

It's not hard to see what Microskin can do for someone like Catherine.

"The confidence that I feel on the inside, who I really am is represented now on the outside," Carella-Dean said.

One application of Microskin can last several days. Removing it just takes some solution on a cotton pad.

The way this works is that you go for a consult to the Microskin center. They will match your color and train you in how to apply the product. The cost runs between $1,000 and $3,500, depending on the package you buy.

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