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Michael Shannon & Meredith Danluck Talk 'State Like Sleep', Tribeca Film Festival

(CBS New York)--Brooklyn resident Michael Shannon has one of the most recognizable voices and faces in Hollywood.

He started his career in "Groundhog Day" alongside Bill Murray, got nominated for an Academy Award in "Revolutionary Road" and stole the show in "Boardwalk Empire." The actor's latest project is a Meredith Danluck movie called "State Like Sleep," where Shannon's character Edward faces an emotional dilemma with a woman named Katherine, who in the hotel room next to his.

"There's a lot of great movies set in hotels, but I hadn't done one yet," said Shannon in an interview with CBS Local. "I appreciate having the opportunity to apply some of my own hotel melancholy to this story. Often times when you are in these places, you have these awakenings about yourself and your life."

The Sit-Down: Michael Shannon & Meredith Danluck by CBS Local News on YouTube

The film first appeared back in April at the Tribeca Film Festival. The movie follows a woman who recently lost her husband in a mysterious way and tells the story of the emotional roller coaster that ensues. The festival was special for Danluck because she first started working on the project five years ago.

"A festival premiere is so interesting because everyone is seeing the film for the first time," said Danluck. "Michael hadn't seen the film yet. You don't know what people will think and that's terrifying. I went to some dinner and met Robert De Niro. I said thank you for the festival."

Shannon is no stranger to the Tribeca Film Festival and he always relishes the opportunity to see his films for the first time with a New York audience.

"I've had a number of films there over the years that have meant a lot to me," said Shannon. "The first film that I did with Jeff Nichols, 'Shotgun Stories,' premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and that was a huge event for Jeff and for me. 'Elvis and Nixon' had its premiere at Tribeca, so I have a lot of fond memories."

"State Like Sleep" hits theaters on January 4, 2019.

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