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LISTEN: Golf Channel's Michael Breed Picks Jason Day To Win US Open

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- Golf analyst Michael Breed says Oakmont Country Club, the site of this week's U.S. Open that is known for its fast greens, plays into Jason Day's favor.

"Day's going to be my pick going into this, just because you don't have to hit the driver," Breed, a commentator on the Golf Channel, told WFAN's Mike Francesa, on Tuesday. "He hits this driving iron that he has, this 2-iron, he's hitting this in the neighborhood of 300 yards. He can work it both ways.

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"The apex, the trajectory of his shot, he apexes his ball as high as anybody out there and can control it," Breed added. "And as you start to get that golf ball coming in a little bit more vertically into those greens, that's going to allow him to expand the greens themselves becase, as greens get firmer and faster, they shrink in size. When you start getting the ball up into the air, now all of a sudden, those greens start to get a little bit bigger, and that's an advantage."

To listen to Francesa's full interview with Breed, click on the audio player below.

The U.S. Open begins Thursday.

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