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5 Reasons Why The Mets Can Come Back And Win The World Series

By Daniel Friedman
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Trailing 2-0 in the World Series, things do not look good for the Mets.

My immediate reaction following Game 2 was that the Royals are just too polished, too aggressive and too much for the Amazin's to handle. But given some more time to process what's happened and think more levelheaded, perhaps it's not time to hit the panic button just yet. Perhaps I'm selling this team short.

Here are some reasons to stay positive about the Mets' chances of coming back in this series:

1. We're Overdue

Teams came back to win the World Series after going down 2-0 11 times between 1921 and 1996, or roughly every 6.8 years. Nineteen years have passed since the Yankees beat the Braves.

2. New York Teams Have Done It A Lot

Of those 11 teams to override 2-0 series deficits and become world champs, seven called NY home. The 1921 Giants, 1955 Dodgers, 1956, '58, '78 and '96 Yankees, and the 1986 Mets all accomplished the feat. Which brings us to our next point...

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3. The Mets Have Done This Before

Granted, that '86 team was likely much better than the 2015 Metropolitans, but it's been done. Even this luck-barren franchise has done it.

4. The Mets Are Resilient

This team showed time and time again this season that it's never truly out of a ballgame (or a playoff race, for that matter). It's a tall task, but if anybody can do it, it's the Mets.

5. This Series Is Closer Than It Looks

If not for one or two mistakes in Game 1, this series would be tied 1-1 heading back to Citi Field. And even after that forgettable ninth-inning blown save, they were toe to toe with Kansas City through four more innings. I take some comfort in knowing the Mets have shown they can at least hold a candle to the Royals, even if Game 2 suggested otherwise.

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