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Metro-North Railroad Makes Pledge To Commuters With Bill Of Rights

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) - It's one thing to assume that rail service will be safe, reliable, and professional, but it's a real commitment when you have it in writing.

WCBS 880's Monica Miller On The Story


The Connecticut Rail Commuter Council has worked with the state's Department of Transportation to come up with a passenger bill of rights.

Number one on the list is the right to have heat in the winter, air conditioning in the summer and clean restrooms.

Metro-North rider Alex Perisi from Fairfield says she doesn't have too many complaints.

The conductors already are abiding by the pledge that riders are entitled to a seat.

"If we're all standing, they don't check our ticket and they just let us go," she said.

What the pledge doesn't promise is that the train will be on time.

Here is the complete current draft of the bill of rights.

1. Rail cars must have essential safety equipment, functional lighting, heat in winter, air conditioning in summer, PA system, and clean rest rooms.

2. Passengers deserve a seat, not just a ride. Metro North will schedule service to meet anticipated demand, and conductors will enforce rules to maximize seat availability.

3. Conductors will treat customers courteously, provide accurate and timely information, be fully conversant with all safety and emergency procedures and protocols, wear clearly visible name badges, and be able to communicate with operation centers and the train crew at all times.

4. Metro North will provide accurate, timely communication regarding on-time  performance through all means possible, including station displays, platform and on-train announcements, web site, email, social media, and RSS feeds. In the event of a significant disruption or delay of 15 minutes or more, Metro North will specify the problem and its anticipated impact on system performance.

5. If service is canceled, alternative transportation will be provided as quickly as possible. Metro North will not leave passengers stranded.

6. In the event that Metro North cancels train service and fails to provide alternative bus service for a period of more than twenty hours, Metro North must provide a proportional credit to any passenger who holds a current weekly or monthly train ticket.

7. Metro North, in coordination with federal, state, and local authorities, will maintain safety and security protocols, including emergency contingency plans, to ensure essential services at all times.

What do you think of the bill of rights? Sound off in the comments section below!

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