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First Lady Melania Trump Addresses Cyberbullying At Summit

WASHINGTON (CBSNewYork) -- First Lady Melania Trump called for an end to cyberbullying at a summit in Maryland on Monday.

She discussed the importance of teaching children positive habits in their use of social media, saying that despite young people being tech savvy they still need guidance.

"Social media is an inevitable part of children's daily lives," said Trump. "It can be used in many positive ways, but can also be destructive and harmful when used incorrectly."

The First Lady's office was asked about Mrs. Trump's message alongside her husband's use of platforms such as Twitter. A spokesman said the First Lady will continue to do "what she feels is right."

The spokesman added that the president is proud of his wife's commitment to "children and encourages her in all that she does."

Meantime, President Trump had strong words on Twitter on Monday for Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the Russian Investigation.

"Disgraced and discredited Bob Mueller and his whole group of Angry Democrat Thugs spent over 30 hours with the White House Councel (sic), only with my approval, for purposes of transparency. Anybody needing that much time when they know there is no Russian Collusion is just someone... looking for trouble," the president tweeted.

Trump's remarks followed a New York Times report of White House counsel Don McGahn's cooperation with the Mueller probe.

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