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Meet Molly, New York's Hardest Working Bilingual Dog

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - Many people across the boroughs get by with the help of a trained service animal.

Few of those animals, though, can boast they are bilingual. Conoce a Molly.

She may look like any other Chocolate Lab, and plays like any other dog, but 3-and-a-half-year-old Molly is very different, reports CBSN New York's John Dias.

She can understand both English and Spanish, and with such special language abilities, she helps homeless kids and teens in shelters such as the Covenant House in Hell's Kitchen.

Molly The Bilingual Dog
Molly works with homeless children and teens in New York City shelters. (credit: CBS New York)

PHOTOS: View More Pictures Of Molly Working With Children And Her Trainer

It took Molly two years to learn both languages.

She lives in Nassau County, but her trainer takes her to the shelter once every two weeks for pet therapy

Both the handler and the dog are bilingual, which helps connect with more homeless children

When they realize that Molly understands them, they light up in a way that absolutely warms your heart...

"When they find out that I'm teaching her in Spanish, their faces change completely," said trainer Guillermo Roa. "They wake up their eyes and are big with the Spanish."

This isn't the only site Molly and her handler visit. She stops at about a half a dozen places across New York City.

Because of her hard work, Molly is up for an American Humane Hero Dog Award. You can read more about her and cast your vote at

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