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Medical Experts Weigh In With Their Citi Bike Safety Tips

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) -- Bike Riders in New York City have pedaled more than a million miles since the start of the Bike Share Program, but now experts are concerned that some people may be setting themselves up for injury.

Riding a Citi Bike around town is a far cry from cruising around your neighborhood on a bike as a child.

"Now they're riding a bike, not in their backyard or the suburbs, in Manhattan on busy streets," explained Beth Israel Medical Center's Dr Robert Gotlin, "You really have to pay attention to the road, have peripheral vision, look around you, pay attention."

Helmets have also emerged as a big safety concern. They aren't required for adults, but riding through the city's streets without brain protection is a risky proposition. Also concerning are riders who listen to music on earbuds and headphones, they may be unable to hear honking horns and oncoming traffic.

CBS 2's Dr Max Gomez also cautioned that some riders could be positioning their seats too low, causing their knees to flex too much and potentially causing knee pain. Dr Gomez explained that by positioning the seat to hip height riders can ensure comfort.

Loose clothing should also be avoided as clothes that get caught in spokes or chains could lead to a nasty spill or an accidental run in with a car or a bus. Experts also recommended against flip-flops and sandals which can cause foot and ankle injuries while riding a bike.

"Flip flops can get caught in a bicycle pedal. If you have to get off the bike suddenly you can lose the flip flop, you can cut your foot, you can injure your foot, you can sprain your ankle, there's no support," Dr Gotlin explained.

Riders have also been advised to stretch their legs and back before jumping on a Citi Bike.

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