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Measles Outbreak: Summer Camps Demanding Vaccinations, Summer Travel To Be Impacted By 'Do Not Board' Lists

MONROE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) -- The measles outbreak is prompting concerns about summer camp and summer travels.

Officials say people who may spread measles can be placed on a "do not board" list that will prevent them from flying, and summer camps are insisting that campers and staff be properly vaccinated, CBS2's Tony Aiello reported Tuesday.

Scott Rosmarin's family has run an Orange County day camp for 70 years. This summer, every camper will be required to provide proof they've been vaccinated for measles, with no exemptions.

"I had accepted some kids in the past that had medical and religious exemptions and I just felt I wasn't gonna do it. I want to put the other parents at ease and let them know all the kids in camp are gonna be vaccinated," Rosmarin said.

MOREMeasles Outbreak: Rockland County Wants Feds To Demand Proof Of Immunization From Foreigners

Many of the cases in the U.S. are linked to overseas outbreaks. Measles travel notices have been posted from South America to Asia.

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The measles virus spreads through air and can live two hours on hard surfaces. Travelers worried about encountering the virus can take precautions.

"If you can carry a little bottle of Purell hand sanitizer with you, keep your hands washed if you are going to be touching areas like the kiosk to get your ticket," said Dr. Kaylan Baban of the George Washington University School of Medicine.

U.S. travelers infected with measles, including two from Rockland County, are being threatened with placement on a "do not board" list to keep them from flying.

Aiello then asked Rosmarin, "You've talked to at least one mom who hadn't immunized her son in the past, but is going to so he can come to camp this summer?"

"I told her I wouldn't be accepting him, but I did mention it would be a good idea if he did get his shots with everything going on locally. She agreed and is going to get him immunized," Rosmarin replied.

Rosmarin said it's all about spreading peace of mind.

Since October, Rockland County has seen 250 measles cases, 7 percent of which have been in people who've had one or two measles vaccination shots. That's in keeping with the vaccine's 93-percent effectiveness rate.

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