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Mayor Bloomberg Defends Proposed Soft Drink Ban Despite Growing Criticism

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) -- Mayor Bloomberg fiercely defended his proposed ban on super-sized soft drinks on Sunday.

He told CBS 2's Dave Carlin that, "People understand we have to do something."

In the face of growing ridicule and intense criticism the Mayor has defended his stance on sugary drinks.

"When airlines have a problem that most passengers can't fit in the seats anymore when the statistics say 30 40 50 percent of our kids are obese they are going to be obese as adults they're not going to live long they're not going to have great lives," he said.

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But some have used the Mayor's stance as a oppurtunity to brand him, an ad in the New York Times called him "The Nanny Mayor". The ad was run by the Center For Consumer Freedom.

But Mayor Bloomberg stayed on the defensive, likening the proposed soft drink ban to his smoking ban, which has become wildly popular.

"Show me who would roll back the smoking ban? Nobody," he said.

Governor Cuomo admitted that some people have asked the state to step in and block the measure, but that it would remain a city only issue.

"I don't see any state action on this one way or the other," the Governor said.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is among those who oppose the ban.

"Next thing you know we ban burgers hot dogs what else," he said.

A nationwide ban on sugary drinks is not on tap according to Senator Charles Schumer, however he did agree that some sort of action would be necessary to fight obesity rates across the country.

It will probably kill more people than smoking. I'm not sure if this is the best way to go about it, but there has been some debate. The Mayor has not convinced me that his way is the best way," the Senator said.

If approved the ban could go into effect in March of 2013.

Do you think the ban should go through? Let us know in our comments section below...

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