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Maternity Store Offers Discount Only To Lesbian Customers

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – A maternity shop in Park Slope is offering a 10 percent discount to its customers—its lesbian customers.

Karen Paperno, of the maternity and breastfeeding boutique Boing Boing, said the sale is not a social commentary, but just a way to help her clientele, who she said is struggling.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS' Steve Sandberg spoke with Paperno about the special sale


"Women make 77 cents on the dollar still. When two women are leading a household, they're not making as much money as a married couple," Paperno said. "They're not making as much money as other couples do. They don't have as much discretionary or disposable income."

The neighborhood is changing, she said, and often times, the families with two women cannot afford to remain there.

"They are sort of what made it a great neighborhood and now they can't afford to live here anymore," Paperno said. "Last month, I wanted to bring back the discount for lesbian moms because that's what Park Slope sort of means to me."

She said don't try to fake it if you're not a lesbian.

"No one has tried to lie, and fooling around in college doesn't count," she said.

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