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Montclair State, Marist Suspend Students For Not Following Coronavirus Safety Measures At Parties

MONTCLAIR, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- More college parties have been popping up around the Tri-State Area in violation of COVID-19 rules.

As a result, two dozen more students have been suspended from campuses in New Jersey and New York, CBS2's Natalie Duddridge reported.

Tuesday marked the first day of students at Montclair State University doing a combination of in-person and virtual learning. But before classes even began, the parties did, leading to the suspension of 11 students for not following coronavirus regulations.

"Obviously, I mean, it's college. Kids are going to want to go out and meet new people. I think during this time the best thing is to stay in and get it over with so we can go out later," student Matt Credidio said.

Credidio said he hasn't gone to any of the parties, but has heard about them.


Officials said there were several large gatherings both on and off campus featuring students not wearing masks. In response, staff sent an email to students saying, "Is the next message you want to get: pack your bags and go home?"

"If you are suspended or expelled from on-campus housing, there are no refunds. So, it's a very costly mistake," said Dr. Karen Pennington, Montclair's vice president of student development.

The suspended students have to quarantine at home for 14 days and will be allowed back once they test negative for COVID-19. Officials said if students break the rules again they could be removed from on-campus programs.

"I see a lot of people saying, 'I've got either the antibodies or it's not going to affect me,' but they don't realize who else they could affect. It's a lot of selfishness," one student said.

Schools all over the country and the Tri-State Area have been cracking down on parties.

Marist College in Poughkeepsie suspended more than a dozen students who were at an off-campus party last week. They are not allowed on campus to attend class, but can attend online.

Marist has not said how long the suspensions will last, because it is still investigating.

MORE: UConn, Syracuse University Students Admonished For Not Following Coronavirus Safety Protocols

Cellphone video shows a large group of freshmen gathering at Syracuse University. In all, 23 students were suspended.

Some University of Connecticut students were removed from campus housing for having a party in a dorm with no masks.

School officials said it's important students understand the regulations because it's the only way in-person learning can safely continue, Duddridge reported.

"The only way we can do this is if everybody takes responsibility," Pennington said.

Staff at Montclair State said so far the vast majority of students are masking up and following the rules. The hope is a small few don't ruin it for everyone.

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