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Former FBI Agent: Second Device Found 'Reminds Me Of The Boston Bombing'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Police have removed a suspicious device from a Manhattan location four blocks from the site of an explosion that injured more than two dozen people.

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Police say the pressure cooker device has been secured by SWAT and counterterrorism officials. The device was taken to Rodman's Neck facility in the Bronx, where it can undergo a controlled explosion, if need be.

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Former FBI agent Manny Gomez stopped by CBS2 to talk about explosives.

GRYMES: The mayor said there's no evidence at this point of a terror connection. What is law enforcement looking at?

GOMEZ: They're looking at intent. They want to find out exactly, number one, who did this so they could stop him, and, B, why did they do it. If it was terrorism, as the classic term that we call it now, was it inspired by ISIS? Was it something having to do with some sort of Islamic militant group? Was it domestic violence? Was it a potential crime? We don't know."

HSU: Four blocks up, they find another device. You see the picture, the pressure cooker and the plastic bag, what goes through your mind when you see that?

GOMEZ: It reminds me of the Boston bombing. Similar thing happened. It definitely seems like an improvised device that ISIS is putting out in their websites and how to make a bomb in your kitchen type of situation -- some wires, putting nails in it, screws in it ... gasoline, and you have a bomb."

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