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Manhattan Psychiatrist Charged In Attempted Murder Of Ex-Boyfriend

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A Manhattan psychiatrist was in court Friday, five years after the attempted murder of her ex-lover.

Prosecutors allege she coerced her patient -- who was also her cousin -- and equipped him with a sledgehammer, and a knife to kill the father of her child.

As Dr. Pamela Buchbinder was lead into court, she asked the media to report the truth. When asked what that was, she said, "I'm innocent."

After pleading not guilty, CBS2's Lisa Rozner asked her again.

"I would love to tell you," she said.

Buchbinder was charged with second degree attempted murder, first degree attempted assault, and two counts of first degree burglary. The Manhattan district attorney said Buchbinder orchestrated the gruesome plot to have her patient murder her ex-boyfriend and the father of her child.

Prosecutors brought screenshots of surveillance footage taken the day before the 2012 incident. It shows Buchbinder with the patient, Jacob Nolan, purchasing the sledgehammer used in the attack.

"To explain why she bought the sledgehammer for him is not what the case is about," Buchbinder's lawyer Eric Franz said, "It's why Jacob Nolan took it upon himself to sneak into his apartment and attempt to bludgeon a man and knife him."

"She morphed me into whatever she wanted me to be, and I obeyed, just like a puppet," Nolan said.

Buchbnider's ex Dr. Michael Weiss, survived and now has full custody of their child.

The prosecution didn't want to go on camera, but said in court that Buchbinder orchestrated each step of the attack.

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