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'Man Up': Words That Sparked K-Rod's Fury

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- Francisco Rodriguez has been suspended for two games after police say he beat up his father-in-law Wednesday night at CitiField.

K-Rod arrived in handcuffs for his arraignment Thursday afternoon and was later released without bail.

Police say Rodriguez, 28, attacked Carlos Pena, 53, outside a lounge reserved for players' families. He is charged with third degree assault.

So what sparked the incident?

According to the Daily News, K-Rod threw the first punch in defense of his mother, who was also present.

The News quotes Pena as telling the relief pitcher to "man up and play better." Apparently not one to let someone talk to her son that way, Rodriguez' mother told the older man to "shut up," and a Spanish screaming match between the two resulted.

"You can't talk to my mami that way!" Rodriguez shouted, sparking the brawl which resulted in cuts, bumps and bruises for Pena – and a restraining order for Rodriguez, issued on behalf of his wife and her father.

K-Rod is also barred from seeing his twins until he goes to family court.

Meanwhile, the New York Post reports that Pena was the one shouting in defense of a woman, shouting "You can't talk to my daughter that way!" while the baseball star and the mother of his children were caught in a heated argument.

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