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Man Honors Father Killed In 9/11 Attacks By Helping Others In Grief

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - Each story is so precious and each person so special. Here we have yet another example of someone rising from the depths of despair to do good.

WCBS 880's Sean Adams On The Story


Rob Fazio from Closter was at the World Trade Center site this morning to honor his father Ronald.

Ronald made it from the 99th floor of the south tower to the lobby on 9/11, but he stayed behind to hold the door so others could make it out alive. He never did.

"A hero in that he was a dad that really cared about his family and his wife, his children, and cared about making a difference just by being a good human being and having values," Rob told WCBS 880 reporter Sean Adams.

"Sounds to me like he really influenced you," Adams said.

"Absolutely. I mean his last acts right here over your shoulder... holding the door for others is a way that we've been living our life since that day," Rob said.

In Ronald's memory, he formed the Hold The Door For Others Foundation. They help people deal with grief and loss. You can visit the foundation's website here.

There were so many selfless courageous acts on that day in 2001, some we may never know. Ronald Fazio's sacrifice will not be forgotten.

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