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Man At Center Of Nassau P.D. Corruption Case Makes Court Appearance

MINEOLA, NY (CBSNewYork) - A day after three former high ranking Nassau County police members were charged with covering up a crime, the young man in the middle of the probe was in court.

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Zachary Parker mainly kept his head down as he walked out of a courtroom Friday, with his mother by his side.

The district attorney said three former high ranking members of the Nassau County Police Department tried to cover up Parker's crime of stealing over $10,000 worth of computers from a Long Island school in 2009.

They tried to cover it up, authorities said, because Parker's father is a wealthy benefactor of the police department members.

But Zachary Parker's lawyer, Robert Schalk, had this to say on Friday: "Who would be happy that three decorated Nassau County police officers were in court yesterday? No one's happy about that, but I don't believe they should have been in court yesterday."

After an investigation, it was the D.A., not the police, who pressed robbery charges against the 20-year-old.

"No favoritism was shown, in my opinion. The school had lawyers. Zachary was punished by the school. Property was returned," said Schalk, who was surprised that the D.A. had ended up pressing charges.

Parker's hearing was adjourned.

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