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Man arrested for pointing gun at 6-year-old on Long Island

Long Island man accused of pointing a gun at the head of a 6-year-old
Long Island man accused of pointing a gun at the head of a 6-year-old 02:14

MANHASSET, N.Y. -- A Long Island man was arrested, accused of pointing a gun at a 6-year-old boy who left candy at his doorstep.

On Sunday night, CBS New York heard from the man's attorney, who said it was all a misunderstanding.

"All the parents are talking about it. It's very unnerving and very sad and very upsetting," a Manhasset resident named Alisa said.

That was a shared feeling among many Manhasset parents after a man allegedly pulled a gun on a 6-year-old at a home on Rockcrest Road.

"Really scary and it's disturbing, especially because this neighborhood is a really safe neighborhood filled with kids," neighbor Marta Gabrielli said.

Police said a woman was driving her three kids and nephew to drop a Halloween goody bag at a friend's house on Saturday evening. Her young daughter and son rang the doorbell at the home, left the bag on the porch, and left.

They returned after realizing it was the wrong address. When the 6-year-old boy went to retrieve the bag, police say a man stepped out of the house and pointed a gun at his head. He also allegedly yelled at the child to get off his property.

"It's supposed to be a happy, fun Halloween and something like this that happened, it's just terrible. It's just horrific," Alisa said.

Parents said they believe the kids were "ghosting," which they described as a popular game of dropping treats to friends' homes. One father took his kids ghosting on Saturday.

"Ghosting, basically, it's basically like Ding Dong Ditch. You leave a bag of candy, ring the doorbell, bang on the doorbell and run away. It's usually your friends," he said.

Michael Wen, 43, was arrested and charged with menacing and endangering the welfare of a child. He was released after appearing in court on Sunday.

"I think what happened yesterday was totally a misunderstanding and a mistake. He and his family has been terrorized recently by constant banging on his door," attorney William Zou said.

Zou shared a video which he says is from a recent incident of teens knocking on the door of the home where Wen lives with his wife and kids. His attorney said he thought he was being targeted.

"He just opened the door, react strongly, tell the person to get away from his property. By the time he realized it was a kid, he started to regret," Zou said.

The Nassau County District Attorney's Office said a mental health evaluation was ordered as well as a stay away order of protection and anger management.

Wen must appear back in court on Nov. 13.

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