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Daughters Of Malcolm X, Civil Rights Attorney Say They Have Evidence That Proves NYPD, FBI Conspired To Have Him Assassinated

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- The three daughters of Malcolm X joined civil rights attorney Ben Crump on Saturday to reveal what they say is evidence that proves the NYPD and the FBI conspired to have him assassinated.

The civil rights activist and prominent figure in the Nation of Islam was killed dat the Audubon Ballroom in February 1965.

Three men were convicted, but over the years, there have been conspiracy theories about whether someone else was responsible.

Saturday, the cousin of a now-deceased police officer says that in a deathbed declaration letter, Officer Ray Wood claimed his job was to infiltrate civil rights organizations and encourage leaders and members to commit felonies.

He also claimed he was ordered to have Malcolm X's security detail arrested days before his assassination.

Now, Crump is calling on the Manhattan District Attorney to take action.

"The question is, will they act to finally give restorative justice," Crump said.

A spokesperson for the NYPD's Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Public Information, released the following statement --

"Several months ago, the Manhattan District Attorney initiated a review of the investigation and prosecution that resulted in two convictions for the murder of Malcom X. The NYPD has provided all available records relevant to that case to the District Attorney. The Department remains committed to assist with that review in any way."

The director of communications for the Manhattan DA's office released a statement saying, "Our office's review of this matter is active and ongoing."

CBS2 has reached out to the FBI for a comment, but we have not yet heard back.

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