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Maintenance Workers Accused of Tying Up Children At NJ School

LONG BRANCH, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- Two maintenance workers at Gregory School in Long Branch were suspended with pay after being accused of tying up four young kids in a bathroom.

School surveillance cameras in the hall showed the workers, one of them apparently a plumber, going inside the boys' bathroom Thursday. Later, four students all under the age of 10 went in, even though it should have been closed for repairs.

A student later told a parent that he and the other boys were tied up by the men, suggesting it may have started as something of a game or prank.

That parent went to the the principal, who took it to district officials who, in turn, called law enforcement.

"I just thought that it was very messed up," resident Andrea Colbert told CBS 2's Dave Carlin.

"Emotionally there has been some distress. Certainly parents, myself, we've lost sleep over this thing and students are the priority," said Michael Salvatore, Long Branch Schools Superintendent.

Salvatore told CBS 2 he was informed that the two employees may have intended to "horse around" with the kids, but says the alleged behavior can never be endorsed or tolerated.

"It has been expressed to us this was in jest without malice and I hope that's accurate but in the end, unfortunately, the misconduct leads us to provide some consequences for the employees," he said.

Richard Incremona of the Monmounth County Prosecutor's Office said

"The School District has taken internal action and is cooperating with authorities conducting the investigation. There is no evidence to suggest that the incident is sexual in nature."

(SOT Brianna Henson /Long Branch Resident CLIP 22 at 21:24:51 there should have been signs outside the bathroom saying it was being repaired so children should never have come in to contact with any workers inside no they shouldn't have.")

The two men were not arrested.

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