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"This is not safe": Nurses at Maimonides Medical Center say they're suffering from critical staffing shortage

Nurses at Maimonides Medical Center voice concerns about staffing shortage 00:49

NEW YORK -- Nurses at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn say they are suffering from a critical nursing shortage.

They say they were down 200 nurses before the pandemic, and the numbers continue to drop.

"Recently, I worked in situations where there was only two RNs on the floor. Two RNs for a unit that used to have five RNs," one nurse said.

"We need more help. This is not safe for us. This is not safe for the patients," another nurse said.

Hospital officials say they appreciate the commitment of its nurses and are working to overcome staffing challenges.

In a statement, a hospital administration spokesperson said in part, "Over the past five months, we have welcomed more than 140 new nurses to our patient care teams to mitigate any staffing shortfalls."

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