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'Maddie's Pet Adoption Days' Aims To Find Homes For 1,000 NYC Shelter Pets

New York (CBSNewYork)   The Mayor's Alliance For New York City's Animals has teamed with the Maddie's Fund to participate in what's being billed as the biggest free pet adoption event in America.

On both Saturday, June 1st and Sunday, June 2nd, cats and dogs will be available without an adoption fee from 50 different rescue organizations at events throughout the five boroughs.   That includes two mega events in Manhattan, from 11a.m. to 5p.m. Saturday at 92nd street and Broadway and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. in Union Square Park.


According to Mayor's Alliance President Jane Hoffman, just because adopters don't have to pay a fee, it doesn't mean the rescue groups won't raise any money.  Instead, the Maddie's Fund is footing the bill. "For every animal under 7 years old, they will give a $50.00 adoption subsidy", Hoffman explained to 1010 WINS.  "If the animal is over 7, they will pay each group $1,000.00.  If it's an older animal with some kind of medical issue, they'll pay $2,000.00."  All told, the Maddie's Fund anticipates giving $4 million in subsidies at 100 locations in 8 communities across 5 states including New York, Nevada, Wisconsin, Florida and California.  Hoffman adds that the rescue groups will use those funds to pay for veterinary bills and supplies needed to save even more animals from being euthanized in the city shelters including Animal Care & Control of New York.


Simmy the cat available from K-9 Castle rescue. (Photo Credit: Mayor's Alliance For NYC's Animals/Facebook)

As for concerns that adopters who don't pay a fee might not be as committed to their pets as others, Hoffman says that's a myth.  "There's been enough research done, now, that shows that if you track adoptions done for free, there is no less retention and love of those animals than those that people actually pay an adoption fee for."  At the same time Hoffman adds that all potential adopters will be subject to an application process, with rescue groups committed to making the best match for each animal.

Among animals being showcased this weekend are Juno and her kittens.  Juno was pregnant when she was rescued during Superstorm Sandy by the Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition.  Not only has she raised her own litter, but she became a surrogate mom to an orphaned kitten as well.  Juno's journey has been filmed by Animal Planet and will be featured in an episode of the show "Too Cute" this summer.

(Photo Credit: Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition/Facebook)

Get more info on Maddie's Pet Adoption Days by clicking HERE.   And be sure and stop by Sunday at Union Square Park.  1010 WINS' Susan Richard will be there broadcasting live (and, likely, going on and on about her cats).

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