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Love & Theft Talk New Album And Getting Robbed During Community Service

Today's a big day for country duo Love & Theft, who drop their self-titled sophomore album after three years of writing, recording and planning. On top of that, the band's current single "Angel Eyes" has hit top five on the country charts.

In an interview with Catherine Lane from CBS Charlotte station The New 103.7, Love & Theft's Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson talked about the recording process for their second album. "We never really thought this day would actually come again," Eric admitted.

Love & Theft co-wrote most tracks themselves while bringing in producer Josh Leo, who has worked with Alabama and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Taking country music back to its natural roots, they were thrilled when Josh came with a plan.

"This album is recorded live with musicians, we didn't add any tracks," Stephen added. "We sang with the band to make sure they didn't brush over the vocals and stuff like that." After many takes and very few overdub tracks, the sophomore album was born.

Catherine also asked about Eric's recent run-in with the law back in April, when he was arrested at the Nashville airport for carrying a large hunting knife through security.

"It was actually really frustrating because I really had completely forgotten that knife was in my backpack, and I always carry a knife, just usually not one that big," he willingly recounted. "What really sucked was doing all that community service back in Nashville once I got home. Somebody tried to rob me while we were doing community service."

Yes, that's right. Someone tried to rob a guy in a band called Love & Theft. So, did they succeed?

"I was forced to turn around and lay the little punk kid out," Eric says. "Right before [he] took my wallet got away I nailed the kid in the chest with my elbow and he went flying backwards." Stephen couldn't help but interrupt at this point, with a warning for his bandmate. "Violence is not always the answer, Eric -- I try to tell him this."

And finally, in a sort of icing-on-the-cake scenario, Eric says that "as soon as I finished [community service], they dismissed the case. My luck."

Listen to the full Love & Theft interview on The New 103.7.

Love & Theft's self-titled sophomore album is available today in stores and online -- read our album review.

-Jodi Phillips/The New 103.7

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