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Lost wedding ring returned to Debbie and Shawn Emery 25 years later

Glen Rock man gets lost wedding band back 28 years later
Glen Rock man gets lost wedding band back 28 years later 02:10

GLEN ROCK, N.J. - A beloved lost wedding band is finally back on the finger of a Glen Rock husband. 

He misplaced it more than 25 years ago, and as CBS2's Andrea Grymes reports, it took a stranger gardening to find it. 

For Michele Cohen, it started as an average afternoon last week, gardening in the front yard of her Glen Rock home, until she found something she wasn't expecting. 

"When the sun hit the dirt that I was pulling up, there was a glint, a glint of a ring caught up in the roots of the grass," Cohen said. 

It was a gold wedding band with initials and an inscription that looked like it had been buried awhile. 

Cohen asked some neighbors, but no one knew who it belonged to. So she turned to Facebook, posting a picture of the ring on a page for town residents. 

"It was a long shot, but I figured it was worth trying. And then, almost immediately, another woman in town, Laura, was able to make a connection in a quick search," Cohen said. 

That quick Internet search turned up Debbie and Shawn Emery, also of Glen Rock, whose initials matched the ones in the ring. 

"That they were building this garden and found it, it's really happenstance," Debbie Emery said. 

Shawn had lost his wedding band back in 1994. He had no idea where he lost it, until now, when he remembered he did some work for the prior homeowner.

"A lot of times when I painted, I would take my ring off and put it in my pants, or my jacket or whatever I was wearing at the time," Shawn Emery said. "I was just happy that Michele found it."

"It was just a fate to it, or something in the universe aligned to make it happen for them," Cohen said. 

Shawn and Debbie have two grown children, and will celebrate their 30th anniversary this October. It will be all the more special with his original ring. 

"We will put it on this time and it will never come off again," Debbie Emery said.

Shawn Emery says he still needs to get the ring resized. He had bought a new wedding band, but his wife never wanted him to engrave it because she said it wasn't the real one.


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