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Long Beach Residents Still Struggling After Sandy Protest New York Rising Program

LONG BEACH, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) - Life after Hurricane Sandy remains a struggle for countless homeowners still trying to rebuild.

Many of them gathered Saturday for a demonstration on the boardwalk in Long Beach.

Those participating complained that the state's New York Rising program is putting them in debt. They point to a rule that says they have to lay out half the money needed to rebuild until all the work is done.

"It's like a victims support group. We cry together. We're people from all across Long Island who have bonded because we just we literally are maxed to our limit," resident Kim Mussman said.

"We are expected to fund our own grant award until we can actually make it all the way to the end," Donald Werle said.

"Every time we think we're done, they actually give us something new to handle," Kevin Reilly said.

This coming week marks the second anniversary of the superstorm.

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