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Lobster Wars Heat Up In New York City As Red Hook Lobster Pound Rolls Out New Truck

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) - Just days after Luke's Lobster debuted their truck selling their wildly popular lobster rolls, the competition has come clawing for some street action as well.

"It's really big, it's huge, and we're going to go to all five boroughs as soon as we possibly can," said Kimberley Trask, who also goes by the nickname "Lobsterette."

The truck launched on Thursday and is known as "Big Red." It offers two different varieties of lobster roll: Connecticut or Maine. The Connecticut-style roll is served with hot lobster that's poached in butter. The Maine-style roll is served chilled with a homemade lemon mayonnaise. Either preparation costs $16. For $2 more, you can get chips and a drink as well.

"We were on Park Avenue between 25th-26th and had a huge response on Twitter," Trask said.

"Today Jacques Torres showed up on Hudson Street," where they sold out. "When the man gives you chocolate, you're elated."

Big Red hit the streets just days after competitor Luke's Lobster rolled out their own truck. They reportedly sold out just two and a half hours after their Midtown debut on May 8. The timing, Trask says, seems coincidental.

"We've been talking about this for a while. [Red Hook Lobster Pound owners] Susan Povich and her husband Ralph have had this in the works forever. This has been going on for months," Trask said. "I think it's just coincidence and you know what, New York is a big enough place."

It's the customers though who will be caught in the dueling trucks' pincers.

"People will make up their own minds and see who they like better. There's no hater in the game," Trask said. "I'm not going to ever, ever say bad things about Luke's. We wish them nothing but the best."

"I believe in Big Red," she added.

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