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Lloyd's Carrot Cake: A Family Legacy Thrives In Riverdale

THE BRONX (CBSNewYork) - In the latest episode of The Dig, CBS2's Elle McLogan goes behind the scenes at Lloyd's Carrot Cake, a Riverdale bakery that has become a community landmark.

VENUE: Lloyd's Carrot Cake

6087 Broadway
The Bronx, NY 1047
(718) 548-9020

1553 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10029
(212) 831-9156


SIGNATURE ITEM: "Lloyd's Famous Carrot Cake," baked with or without raisins and walnuts, available in a range of sizes as well as by the slice

[Editorial note: Lilka Adams, daughter of owner Betty Campbell-Adams, is an employee of ViacomCBS.]

What's something few people know about but everybody should? Whatever it is, Elle McLogan is tracking it down on The Dig. Join her hunt for treasures hidden across our area. Follow Elle on Twitter and Instagram.

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