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LISTEN: WFAN's Francesa Responds To Bombshell A-Rod Report

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- WFAN host Mike Francesa landed the exclusive of the year last November when Alex Rodriguez, after storming out of his appeal hearing, marched into the CBS Radio studios in Manhattan to tell his side of the story.

The New York Yankees third baseman was asked point-blank whether he was guilty of any charges against him in Major League Baseball's investigation into performance-enhancing drugs and Biogenesis of America.

He denied everything.

Two months later, Rodriguez came clean to the Drug Enforcement Administration in exchange for immunity, admitting to PED use and detailing his involvement with Biogenesis founder Anthony Bosch, according to a bombshell Miami Herald report.

Francesa responded after the news broke Wednesday, saying he wasn't "insulted" by A-Rod allegedly pulling a Pinocchio act on his show nearly one year ago:

Francesa Responds To A-Rod Report

"A-Rod lied, and now he's dealing with the consequences of lying," Francesa said. "And now there's a record of him lying. And he's going to have to face that music whenever he comes back and does his first press conference. He's going to have to explain now why he lied. That's all.

"But am I personally insulted? I'm not insulted. I knew there was a very good chance he was lying. What do you think I am, silly? You think all of a sudden I'm naive, after all these years? People backed in a corner all lie. It's human nature. I mean, that's just part -- you know, politicians open their mouths (and) they're lying. We know that.

"So we knew there was a very good chance. But you think I'm going to turn down the interview? You're out of your mind. Nobody one is turning that interview down. And if you think they are, I'm telling you, I sat here with him, he showed me (on his phone) the people begging him for interviews. Begging. And that's after he'd already been on here.

"So I mean, we all know how it works. Nobody's turning him down."

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