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LISTEN: Mike Francesa Rips 'Unwatchable, Embarrassing, Loser' Mets

NEW YORK (WFAN) -- The Mets are struggling right now, and that's quite the understatement.

After starting the season 7-4, New York has dropped 16 of 23 and currently sits at 14-20. The Amazin's sit in familiar territory, in fourth place in the National League East.

The Mets dropped three consecutive games to the Pittsburgh Pirates from Friday to Sunday, and barely scored any runs in the process.

WFAN host Mike Francesa addressed New York's early-season ineptitude in his show open on Monday afternoon. Needless to say, he was disturbed by the club's showing over the weekend.

"The Mets, when (starting pitcher Matt Harvey) doesn't pitch now, are so bad that it is embarrassing," Francesa said. "They are so listless. They are so unwatchable. This is as bad as I have ever seen it. This is Craig Swan bad for these Mets.

The 'Unwatchable' Mets

"... This is not for David Wright and this is not for Matt Harvey, and, alright, I'm gonna be nice here -- this is not for (closer Bobby) Parnell either. But for any other Met, it is for you, and you stink. That's basically it. The rest of you, forget it. Just absolutely awful."

On Friday night, with the Mets down a sizable margin, outfielder Jordany Valdespin admired his ninth-inning home run. Then, on Saturday, the Pirates hit Valdespin intentionally in retaliation. No Mets pitchers retaliated back, nor did Valdespin's teammates get off the dugout steps to defend their talented second-year player.

"I have a different take on the Valdespin thing," Francesa said. "To me, the Valdespin thing speaks volumes about what the Mets have become. I don't care if you don't like like Valdespin. He's on your team. I don't care if you detest Valdespin. He's still wearing your uniform. And when the other team does that to him, and you guys act like you want to go out there and applaud it, that speaks volumes about what a bunch of losers you are."

Sandy Alderson

But the problems extend far beyond Valdespin, Francesa believes. When it comes down to it, this team just doesn't have the talent to succeed at the big-league level.

"Some people want to get rid of Valdespin, fine," Francesa said. "...You know what you do? Back up the truck, take two or three guys like Wright and Harvey and Parnell, and put them and keep them there. And there's a couple of other guys, too. I'm not talking about every single guy. But about 20 of them? Take them and get them out of here! Because we've seen enough of all of them to last us a lifetime! You should pay the fans to go see this team play!

"It is unbelievable, and it has to change now because you can't even watch this team anymore."

New York will kick off a seven-game road trip in St. Louis on Monday night.

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