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'Linsane In The Membrane' Jam Hits YouTube

By Julie Parise, for WFAN

NEW YORK (WFAN) – To call Jeremy Lin a "pleasant surprise" doesn't even do the overnight phenomenon justice.

The Harvard graduate has reinvigorated Knicks fans by leading the team to a much-needed winning streak and setting a record with the number of points in each of his first four starts with the team.

Aside from shooting game-winning three pointers, the sudden superstar has provided New Yorkers with a new hobby:  Coming up with the best Jeremy Lin-isms.

While "Linsanity" appears to be the phrase that has resonated most with Knicks fans, other favorites include "Lincredible," "Linja," and of course, "Linning."

But some are taking the "Linderella story" to an entirely different level. reported on a Jeremy Lin-themed remake of Cypress Hill's 1993 hit "Insane in the Membrane."

Need we say more? Watch below (Warning: the beat is Linfectious):

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