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Lincoln Tunnel becomes last Port Authority crossing to switch to cashless tolls Sunday

Inbound Lincoln Tunnel goes cashless starting Sunday
Inbound Lincoln Tunnel goes cashless starting Sunday 02:13

NEW YORK -- Cash tolls at the inbound Lincoln Tunnel are coming to an end. Starting Sunday, drivers will only be able go to through E-ZPass lanes. 

The Lincoln Tunnel is the last New York/New Jersey crossing to activate a high-tech system to gather toll information. 

Not much will change for E-ZPass users. Those without a transponder will get a bill in the mail. The new technology will capture an image of their license plates. 

"It'll speed things up, yeah, in the long run it will. If everybody gets an E-ZPass, it will," said driver Henry Francoeur. 

"A lot of people, they're going to be confused. A lot of people, they're going to start to look for a line, probably may slow down the traffic," said Ben Abdul, a limousine driver. 

To avoid confusion, signs have been warning drivers about the change for weeks. Port Authority officials say they'll place more signs at the entrance of the tunnel the night before. 

The main message is slow down, but don't stop. 

"They should drive through at a reasonable rate of speed and continue on into the tunnel," said Robin Bramwell-Stewart, deputy director of the Port Authority Tunnels, Bridges and Terminals Department. 

The Port Authority will look up license plates through motor vehicle agencies. Those without E-ZPass should make sure to update their address. 

"If you are not an E-ZPass user, now is the time to go ahead and sign up for E-ZPass," said Bramwell-Stewart. 

The Lincoln Tunnel's center tube opened to drivers more than 80 years ago. The original toll collectors were Port Authority Police officers. E-ZPass was introduced in 1997. 

Eventually, all of the toll booths will be removed and drivers will only see an open roadway going into the tunnel. 

"What we're trying to do is we're gonna go through and do that demolition and removal in a very reasonable and thoughtful way," said Bramwell-Stewart. 

The Port Authority said it's going to take several years to remove the toll booths because they have to find the best way to do it without disrupting traffic. 

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