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Neighbors Say Egg-Throwing Is Out Of Control On Leonia, N.J. Block

LEONIA, N.J. (CBSNewYork) -- Homeowners in Leonia, New Jersey have been targeted repeatedly by eggs, and on Friday afternoon, they were saying, "Enough is enough."

As CBS2's Mark Morgan reported, the vandals struck the normally quiet Howard Terrace in the Bergen County community. Many of the houses on the block have been decked out in full, bewitching decorations, but the egg-throwing incidents have tested neighbors' holiday spirit.

Surveillance video showed what police described as two males, believed to be in their teens, hurling eggs at a house. The house in question has been egged three times.

Roberto Ruiz lives there with his parents and sister, and said his mother and father have had it.

"The third time, it was pretty clear that it was a personal thing. We really don't know who would have it out for us," Ruiz said. "But I mean at this point, they're just really annoyed."

The Leonia Police Department hoped the surveillance video could help identify the vandals who were upsetting residents in the town.

"We haven't dealt with this since probably since this time last year," said Leonia police Detective Michael Jennings. "It's definitely some juveniles going out having some fun, not realizing that they are causing havoc to the residents."

Even though Halloween is just around the corner -- and to many, egg-throwing may appear to just be harmless fun -- some residents were surprised that houses were targeted.

Iris Coleman has lived on the block for 28 years.

"The street's very quiet; always, you know, filled with little kids that have since grown up; very nice neighbors," Coleman said. "There's never been any issue on this street at all -- never."

"Eggs are a little more serious than toilet paper, you know, papering someone's house," said Vince Priblo of Leonia.

"It's just Halloween -- just kids, you know, being kids, but they should do something else," added Nanda Walby of Leonia.

Residents were hoping the culprits would, in fact, find something else to do, so Halloween can be celebrated and not dreaded.

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