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Lehman High School Students Cut Corners And Costs For Prom

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- For seniors at Herbert H. Lehman High School, who are getting ready for prom, things are pretty tight - and we don't just mean the dresses.

"I've seen, as a senior adviser, a lower turnout than in years past," Kelly Moss said.

1010 WINS' Alice Stockton-Rossini reports: Prom...Is It Worth The Cost?


Last year, 400 students attended the year-end ball; this year the number has gone down to 225.

"The economy is definitely, I think, affecting the amount of students that are able to go to prom," Moss said.

One student saved up money by working at Burger King to pay for two proms. The final bill was steep.

She ended up spending over $700 to pay for tickets to her and her boyfriend's prom, two limos, a dress, an after prom dress, hair and make-up.

"I could use this money for a car, and I didn't, and now I'm taking the bus," she said.

Girls aren't the only ones digging deep.

"We have to pay for our date, on top of that you have the tux, you have the corsage, the limo -- of course," said a male student who is also working at Burger King to pay his way to prom.

The bank of mom and dad is not the main source of funding anymore for many students. With many out of work or jobs paying considerably less some teens are reluctant to ask their parents for prom money.

"I just feel like it's a waste," another student said. "I feel like I could do a lot better stuff than go to prom."

Other students are finding ways to save including doing their own hair and nails. One girl said she would ditch the traditional prom dress for a pair of slacks, a dress-up shirt and a vest.

Moss said some are skipping prom all together and instead opting to attend the after-party.

"The prom tickets are $130, the after party is $65 so for a lot of students who can't afford to do the prom or both they at least will get the opportunity to be with their friends," she said.

Did you go to your prom? Do you think it's worth the money? Let us know below...

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