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At Dumbo's record shop Legacy, the collection is personal

At Dumbo's record shop Legacy, the collection is personal 04:54

NEW YORK – When a group of friends got together to offload their old records, the plan grew into something bigger.

Their project became Legacy, a store for new and vintage vinyl on Water Street in Dumbo. 

For co-owners Victorious De Costa, Barkim Salgado, and Haile Ali, the collection is personal.

"When you come to our store, you get what we like, what we love," Victorious said. 

All three owners are of Caribbean descent and take pride in their sections for reggae, soca, and merengue.

"What we hear is that it's not easy to find R&B and soul music in different record stores," Victorious said. 

At Legacy, these get a spotlight, along with hip-hop, jazz, and other genres pioneered by Black and Brown artists.

"We have things that are devalued in other places that are cherished in our community," he said.

When selling one of the store's secondhand records, Victorious likes to share the story of its past life, its previous owner and the circumstances under which it was sold. 

"It's important that you know the legacy of the record that you're taking home with you," he said.

He sees the collection as a source of surprises and memories. 

"You come to Legacy for things that you weren't even thinking about, you forgot about, you didn't know existed," he said. "You meet an old high school chum or something like that, someone that your mother knew, someone that your father used to play."

For Barkim, it's easy to understand vinyl's timeless appeal. 

"There's a ritual when you put on a record. It's taking it out. It's pulling it out of its sleeve. It's cleaning it. It's putting the needle down. You're prepared, or you're anticipating what's going to happen. And there's a quiet. There might be a little pop before it comes on. And then, the world opens up," he said.

Decorated to resemble a 1970s basement apartment with beaded curtains and a lava lamp, Legacy has hosted poetry readings, candle making classes, first dates, and even a wedding reception. 

"Legacy is a community space," Victorious said.

The owners want to ensure that everyone feels included at their record shop.

"This is not the know-it-all place. This is not the pretentious place. This is not the judgmental place," Victorious said. "It doesn't really matter who you are. You're welcome here."

247 Water St Suite 104
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 210-2144

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