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Larry's Blog: Black History Month Honoree Darryl 'DMC' McDaniels

By 1010 WINS' Larry Mullins

I got to meet DMC today. Yes, Darryl McDaniel… "the" DMC from Run DMC fame. Oh my gosh… it was like living my heyday all over again! This dude is still just as hip, crazy, LOUD and over the top as he was back in the late '80s when the group first hit it big.

"D" (we're old friends now, so I'm tossing around initials) dropped by to talk about his new book and his superhero comic project. He has a remarkable story of how he went for years thinking he was Dominican, and when he found out he wasn't how it sent him into a deep, dark depression.

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And if you check out the interview, you'll get an idea of what it's truly like to be a kid who (along with Rev. Run Simmons and Jam Master J) truly only wanted to be popular in their neighborhood. Ha! Little did they know, the world loved them, and they would become international hip-hop icons! There are groups to this day who still try to match up with Run DMC.

McDaniel says the instant fame and fortune (and finding out some things about his past) led him to a new friendship with alcohol, which sent him spiraling. But if you met this guy, and spent a moment with him, he is a picture of health, prosperity and determination. Dude looks like a million bucks. He lives in New Jersey now, with a beautiful wife and his son (who's also trying to break into the business). But "D" says he spends his days devoted to children's causes, as well as adoptees (he was adopted). In fact, he testified before lawmakers on a successful bid to make it possible for adult adoptees to get their original birth certificates to find out who their real parents are.

He says his passion for helping was driven by the fact that again, he was adopted and (his words) had been living a lie for so long.

And of course he had to break out into a few rhymes during our sit-down… "It's trickayyyyy!!" Doggone it "D"… I couldn't get that song out of my head for weeks! Check out the interview everybody. I love me some DMC… (I still wear my shell-toe Adidas tennis shoes to work). And I look good.


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