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L.I. Couple Wins Game Of Chicken Over Rogue Cell Tower

BROOKHAVEN, N.Y. (CBS 2) -- As one Long Island town official said, "it was a David and Goliath fight ...and David won."

That cell tower CBS 2's Pablo Guzman told you about on Thursday that appeared on a couple's property without permission will be taken down by the company, Next G Communications.

"And I can find no better example of the abuse of our quality of life here in Brookhaven than this kind of corporate arrogance," Brookhaven Highway Supervisor John Rouse told Guzman.

Rouse had a lot to say about the terrible tower that sprang up practically overnight on Lori and Michael DiMarco's property. Rouse brought a show of force with him -- the kind of trucks and equipment that could tear that tower down. But it was unnecessary: the company, Next G Communications, blinked and agreed to take the tower down.

"They don't have my trust and I don't think they have anybody else's trust at this point because to almost intimidate people into thinking they can do this," Lori DiMarco said.

When Guzman asked Rouse what Next G's deadline was, he said they have until Feb. 13 to take the tower down.

"This pole is coming down. And believe you me if it doesn't come down at the hands of Next G we will be in that bucket truck, if I have to be in it myself taking it down," Rouse said.

Next G said it still wants to put up towers, but neighbors in this Mt. Sinai section of Brookhaven came out and let it be known they did not want a cell tower near their homes either.

Next G said it is putting up cell towers in Brookhaven for Metro PCS. Next G has put up nine other towers, but now each must be scouted to see if they have to come down.

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