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NYPD: Winston Glynn, Charged With Murder In Kristal Bayron Nieves Shooting, Used To Work At Same Burger King

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- A suspect is under arrest in the deadly shooting of 19-year-old Kristal Bayron Nieves at a Burger King in East Harlem.

As CBS2's Leah Mishkin reports, all Friday morning police were questioning a person of interest. That man has now officially been charged with murder and robbery.

A crowd outside the 25th precinct didn't hold back, shouting and screaming as Winston Glynn, 30, was taken away in handcuffs. Glynn screamed back.

The NYPD believes Glynn is responsible for killing Nieves early Sunday morning. Police say he went to the register and took out about $100. Nieves was behind the counter.

"The man demands more money from the register drawer. As Miss Bayron Nieves is scrambling to open the drawer, she doesn't have the key," NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig said. "The male fires one shot, striking her and causing her death."

"There was no reason to shoot this young woman. Money had been handed over. She was trying to comply with the gunman's demands," NYPD Chief of Department Kenneth Corey said. "She was killed for no apparent reason."

Cops were emotional as they described the final moments of the teenager's life.

Burger King fatal shooting suspect
The suspect in the fatal shooting of Kristal Bayron Nieves. (Photo: CBS2)

"When you see the video, and think of this terrible incident. A senseless, brutal killing of a teenager who was doing the right thing, working on a Saturday night at 12:30, and had her life cut short. It both makes your blood boil and shocks your senses," Essig said.

Glynn was found in Brooklyn Thursday night and taken into custody.

Police say he worked at the Burger King on East 116th street in 2020. It was not at the same time as Nieves. He has four prior arrests.

"All indications are that he knew this place well, that he pre-planned the event," said Essig.

"I hope he gets what he deserves," said neighbor June Lloyd.

Lloyd is heartbroken for the Nieves family. They live in the same building. She speaks to them in passing, and told Mishkin the family just moved here from Puerto Rico about two years ago. She hasn't seen the 19-year-old's mother since the shooting.

"I'm broken hearted for her. Broken hearted. It is so sad in these times that you can't go about your everyday life," Lloyd said.

Mayor Eric Adams said he met with Nieves' mother and saw the pain on her face. He thanked the NYPD for their work catching the suspect.

"I don't come to press conferences of arrests, but this one was so personal. For a cold-blooded killer to shoot a 19-year-old child after she complied. We have been saying this over and over again - there are too many guns on our streets," Adams said.

"It just don't make no sense that somebody took an innocent person's life like that. For what?" said Ali Jordan.

Friday the candles were still lit. People stopped by to add flowers and Teddy bears to the memorial, or to say a prayer, and to just express their frustration that this 19-year-old's life was taken away.

Mishkin spoke with neighbors of the victim's family.

"I feel bad for her family. My condolences to her family," Elizabeth Aponte told Mishkin. "I can't imagine losing a child. I have three kids of my own."

Aponte described the Nieves family as polite and private, and said the mom always says hello and goodbye in passing.

"It's sad that she had to lose her life at a young age, especially just starting to work and trying to be productive in life," Aponte added.

"It's a shame, because that girl is somebody's child," said Ali Jordan. "They really should pay for it, because that was evil."

Kenya Webb dropped off flowers and a Teddy bear.

"He didn't have to kill no 19-year-old girl," she said. "No, no, that's just not acceptable right there."

Signs on the wall bear messages that read, "I wish you can come back," and "Harlem will never forget you."

CBS2's Leah Mishkin contributed to this report.

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