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'Gang Of 6' Accused In NYC Mayor's Race Bribery Scandal Face Public, Political Uproar

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- There were strident calls Wednesday for the heads of the politicians busted in the corruption probe to fix the 2013 New York City mayoral election, including demands for the immediate resignation of the two elected officials part of the so-called "gang of six."

At state Sen. Malcolm Smith's Queens home, a number of friends stopped by with food to help sustain him as he faces a raft of serious public corruption charges, including paying bribes to rig this year's mayoral race. They didn't want to talk to CBS 2's Marcia Kramer about him.

"I'm bringing food to my friend, come on," one woman said.

But other people did speak, including Smith 's colleague, Brooklyn Sen. Daniel Squadron. He called on Smith, who has had a number of ethics problems, including efforts to influence the awarding of the Aqueduct racing contract, to resign immediately.

"Wow, shocking, and please step aside because faith in government, faith in government and influence matters to the kind of state and city we have and stepping aside, it really matters to restoring faith," Sen. Squadron said.

The knives were also out for Republican Queens Councilman Dan Halloran, who reportedly took bribes to help Smith, a Democrat, get the GOP mayoral line. There were several calls for his resignation. Both Smith and Halloran were stripped of their respective committee assignments in Albany and the City Council.

Meanwhile, Spring Valley, N.Y. Mayor Noramie Jasmin, one of a total of six arrested in the scam, made it clear to her constituents she has no intention of quitting her job.

"I'm asking the community not to prejudge me, rather to keep me in your prayer, for my good name to be restored. Thank you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart," said Jasmin, who did not take questions.

Jasmin fled after speaking for just 37 seconds.

The question that continues to ricochet around the city is which of these defendants will become government witnesses and who can they take down.

One of the suspects did resign Wednesday. Vincent Tabone, the vice chair of the Queens County Republican Organization, quit his post. The feds allege he was one of two party officials who accepted bribes to rig the mayoral nomination process.

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