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See It: Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson Spotted At Staten Island Movie Theater

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Pete Davidson caused quite a stir when they were spotted inside a local movie theater Saturday on Staten Island.

Police officers responded after a huge crowd swarmed the Atrium Theatre.

"So they're walking down the hallway, and I just kind of move out of the way because I see a group of people, and it's her, and she's like, 'Excuse me.' I go, 'Oh my god, Kim Kardashian, I'm so sorry.' Moved out of the way, let them pass, but then their whole entourage came through and then it was just madness after that," Staten Island resident Mike Fazzino said.

Davidson, who is a regular on "Saturday Night Live," appeared to opt for date night after the sketch comedy show announced it would have a limited cast and crew and no live audience for Saturday's show due to the recent surge in COVID cases.

The couple reportedly had the theater all to themselves. No word on what movie they saw.

CBS Mornings' Gayle King recently sat down with SNL Executive Producer Lorne Michaels and asked what is it about Davidson that so many women find attractive?

"I think he's funny and he's also sincere," Michaels replied. "But I've never figured out how women make their choices, so there's no set of rules on that."

Editor's note: This story was first published Dec. 18.


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