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Kids Talk Santa Claus After Christmas Morning

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) -- It's the night after the big day and Santa's come and gone, but the magic and wonder of St. Nick is still dancing in the heads of kids all over the Tri-state area.

Ask any little kid about him, and of course they'll tell you they believe in Santa Claus.

CBS2's Scott Rapoport spoke with some kids who shared their Christmas experiences with him.

So what do we know about this Kris Kringle guy anyway?

"He rides on a sleigh with magical reindeers," said one boy.

"He has a white beard," said another.

"He's fat," said a little girl, drawing laughter from another boy.

Some kids even said they saw the big man last night.

"He asked me to sing a song," said one girl -- before giving our cameras a roaring rendition of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas." Santa, apparently, approved.

As for the biggest question of all -- just how does Santa get into people's houses?

One girl thinks he may slip in "through the heating vents, or something."

Another boy has it all figured out. "He just needs to get in the secret way," he said.

Simple enough.


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