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NYC's 6 Best Healthy Restaurants For Kids & Families

Going out with the kids doesn't have to mean ordering up another plate of mac n' cheese or chicken fingers. CBS New York has your guide to restaurants that offer a healthier and more exciting fare for the kids.

Dig Inn

Dig Inn 2
(credit: Dig Inn)

Five NYC Locations

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Looking for quick, healthy food that you and your children can enjoy? Dig Inn, with five NYC locations, ranks high on our list. Exploring the idea that health food shouldn't be about what it lacks (fat-free, sodium-free, taste-free), but instead about what real food tastes like, Dig Inn Seasonal Market offers dishes like braised beef with fresh oregano and red wine vinegar, shaved red cabbage with mustard seed and Italian parsley, apple braised Swiss chard with walnuts. Bonus: They deliver.

Better Burger

Woman Eating A Cheeseburger
Skip that Big Mac and go for a better, healthier burger at Better Burger. (credit: JOERG KOCH/AFP/Getty Images)
Multiple Locations

Sometimes only a burger will do - but why not have it the healthy way? Better Burger has tasty burgers and dogs that are antibiotic and hormone free. They offer many choices between beef, chicken, turkey and soy. And to wash it down, try one of their many juices or smoothies. With air-baked fries and fruit as sidedish options, you have no excuse to eat unhealthily. Try the 1/3lb turkey burger ($5.99), the soy dog ($3.95) and the fries ($2.75).

Whole Foods Market Café

Whole Foods
(credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)
Multiple Locations

Whole Foods Market offers quality food when you are in a hurry. Whether you have picky eaters or differing palates, there will always be the perfect find for your little ones. With several hot and cold buffets, sandwiches, fruit, soup and much more, every mouth will be happy. Once you pay, grab a table in their seating area and dig in.


14 W. 4th Street
(212) 505-8934

Usually the words healthy and cheap don't go together, but at Dojo's they go hand in hand. Offering toned-down Asian fare, with many vegetarian options, you can't beat the price for what you get. That's probably why it has been a haven for families and students alike over the years. Try the hummus ($2.75), the yakitori ($6.95) or the chicken miso ni soba ($5.95).

Blue Ribbon Sushi Brooklyn

(credit:YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images)
278 5th Ave., Brooklyn
(718) 840-0408

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Sushi anyone? The Blue Ribbon Restaurants, which started in Manhattan, have become a true gem to the Park Slope neighborhood. Blue Ribbon Sushi, offers a vast array of sushi and a list of daily specials. The sushi is divine, the staff is warm and the setting is tranquil. They have a great kids menu with many healthy options. Try the chicken teriyaki ($8.50), the salmon teriyaki ($10.50) and the maki platter ($6.50).

Turkish Grill

(file photo)

42-03 Queens Blvd., Queens
(718) 392-3838

It's nothing but rave reviews for this Turkish restaurant in Sunnyside, Queens. They consistently offer up great food, so it is hard to find a dish that won't please. Now that they have expanded, you can sit back and relax into your food. With the grilled meats and fish and fresh ingredients, the menu is full of healthy finds. Try the hummus ($4.50), the stuffed grape leaves ($5.25), the lentil soup ($3.50) and the chicken kebab ($11.25).

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