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Women in New York can now buy birth control without a prescription, Hochul announces

Hochul takes steps to guarantee women's access to birth control in New York
Hochul takes steps to guarantee women's access to birth control in New York 01:42

ALBANY, N.Y. - New York lawmakers are taking steps to protect reproductive rights for women in the state. 

Two big announcements were made Tuesday. 

With a stroke of a pen Tuesday morning, Gov. Kathy Hochul guaranteed birth control access for women in New York. 

"It's a new day. You now have access, easy access to the contraception you need to suit your needs because it is your body and it is your choice," Hochul said. 

Hochul: Woman in New York can now access birth control without a prescription 03:12

As of Tuesday, all pharmacies across the state are allowed to dispense three types of contraception: The pill, ring or patch. Women in New York, or even those just visiting New York, can purchase up to a year's supply without visiting a doctor. 

"It comes down to half the population, women, having full control over their own bodies," Hochul said. 

New York makes it easier to access over-the-counter birth control: What to know 03:58

The announcement comes as reproductive rights for women across the country are in jeopardy. From abortion bans in some states to possible bans on IVF in others, state lawmakers are taking steps to protect reproductive rights in New York. 

CBS News' political reporter Scott McFarlane interviewed Republican Rep. Mark Molinaro, who just backed a bill in Congress that would protect IVF access for women around the country. 

"He says like so many members of Congress from our area tell me, they're hearing from constituents that are afraid Alabama's supreme court ruling from a few weeks ago could endanger IVF treatments not just in Alabama, but eventually elsewhere in the nation," McFarlane said. 

"This is a big moment for the women of New York. Up until now, you can not walk into a pharmacy and be able to purchase contraception to meet your various health care needs," Hochul said. "Starting today, any woman walking into a New York state pharmacy will be able to purchase birth control, the best birth control method that meets her needs." 

Hochul said as long as she's in office, women's reproductive rights will be protected in New York state. 

Pharmacists will work with women seeking birth control to make sure they're eligible and don't have any counter-indications. 

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