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Junk Food Lovers In Suffolk County Fight For Their Right To Chow Down On Fatty Foods

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) --Some junk food junkies on Long Island are worried that they will not be able to chow down on their favorite fatty foods.

As CBS 2's Jennifer McLogan reported, a food debate is raging in Suffolk County where some people are concerned that local lawmakers are going too far.

"I just think our area is becoming too fascist on what we can and cannot eat," one woman said.

The legislature in Suffolk County prides itself on precedent setting, forward thinking lawmaking.

If signed a recent bill, which passed 11-7, would mean that contractors with the county at Suffolk beaches, parks, cafeterias, and vending machines would be forced to supplement their junk food with a certain percentage of healthy alternatives.

It would mean a cutback on calories, fat, and salt, and add more fiber and whole grains.

"I don't think big brother belongs in the county," one woman argued.

The bill's sponsor, legislator Kara Hahn, was shocked by the backlash, and said that this is not a recipe for a nanny state.

"We are not outlawing or prohibiting any kind of junk food. We are saying as a government facility we should also provide the good stuff, the healthy options," Hahn said.

Imam Marghoob, a registered dietician at Stony Brook University, said that studies have shown a growing demand and need for dietary change.

"Suffolk County Department of Health has over 200 food regulations about 'food safety' regarding sanitation, but does not have a single regulation regarding nutrition or health safety," she explained.

The county executive will hold a public hearing on the bill next week. Following that, the bill could be signed into law within 30 days.

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