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7/10 Tuesday Afternoon Weather Headlines

By Bree Guy
Weather Intern

Well it's already starting to feel sticky out there.

The humidity will stay higher throughout the rest of the day and won't start to come down until the overnight hours. 

Temperatures are still on the rise and are on our way to low 90 degree temps! It's a good idea to drink plenty off water and maybe bring out the mini portable fans because this is sweating weather.

JL Rain Chances
(credit: CBS2)

Skies will stay sunny and bright! Clouds won't start to come in until tonight but won't stick around for long. Along with those clouds, there is a chance for rain. The front will roll through quickly, just in time for tomorrow morning. The Air Quality Alert will stay in affect today until 11 PM. Take precautions if you have sensitive respiratory issues.

(credit: CBS2)

There will be a gentle breeze during the afternoon, but that won't stop the heat from flexing.

Speaking of winds, Tropical Storm Chris is still churning our waters and is expected to hit hurricane status today. Rip current risk will stay moderate to high so be careful if visiting the beach. Currently, Chris is sustaining 70 mph winds and is making its way northeast.

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