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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Releases First Photo As Edward Snowden In Oliver Stone Film

By Courtney E. Smith

Joseph Gordon-Levitt took to Facebook to post an image from his first day of shooting on Oliver Stone's Snowden. The photo reveals Gordon-Levitt dressed in Army fatigues, not looking much like the Snowden most of America pictures.

"I was surprised when I first learned this about Snowden--that he enlisted in the US Army in 2004," Gordon-Levitt wrote in a comment. "He wanted to go fight in Iraq, but during basic training at Fort Benning, he broke both of his legs and received an administrative discharge. After that, he was still determined to serve his country (love him or hate him, you gotta admit the guy's strong-willed) and so he ended up getting a job at the CIA, which is where his career in Intelligence began."

Gordon-Levitt also addressed the difficulty of recreating basic training and excitement about shooting with Stone.

"Today's scenes felt like a really good way to start this shoot," Gordon-Levitt continued. "It was hard, but of course, nowhere near as hard as real basic training. And me, I'm just honored and excited to be doing a soldier sequence with Oliver. I keep saying to myself: 'f---, this guy directed Platoon!'"

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