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Born To Ride: Jessica Springsteen Has Sights Set On Olympic Equestrian Show Jumping

WELLINGTON, Fla. (CBS) -- The start of the 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo is just over a year away, and the daughter of a music legend and New Jersey native is hoping to compete in equestrian show jumping.

She may be the daughter of "The Boss," but Jessica Springsteen was born to ride.

Jessica Springsteen, daughter of Bruce Springsteen, hopes to compete in equestrian show jumping at the 2020 Olympics. (Credit: CBS)

Equestrian show jumping involves galloping horses up to 30 miles per hour over 13 jumps as high as six feet and as wide as seven feet. Each course is designed with challenges like tight turns, triple jump combinations, water obstacles and a time limit, which is usually under 90 seconds.

A clean round paired with the fastest time earns the win and usually means a trophy and tens of thousands of dollars in prize money.

Springsteen is ranked fifth in the U.S. right now.

CBS's Nikki Battiste: "You have a really good chance at making the 2020 Olympic team. How hopeful are you?"
Springsteen: "Oh, I don't know ... It's gonna be really tough ... But one day, I think I'll be there."

Equestrian events in the Olympic games are one of the only in which men and women compete against one another.

"I think it's great," Springsteen said. "You see a lot of the top riders are women, and men. It's so equal and it's amazing, and it's always such a surprise to people."

At Rushy Marsh Farm in Wellington, Florida, Springsteen trains on six horses a day to help prep for year-round competition. To win in this sport, a horse and rider have to be in perfect harmony.

(Credit: CBS)

She's as much a celebrity in this world as her rock star parents, cheering their daughter on from the stands.

Battiste: "In the public's eye, how have you been able to go from Bruce Springsteen's daughter to Jessica Springsteen, champion rider, Olympic hopeful?"
Springsteen: "Growing up in New Jersey, everyone was so used to seeing my parents everywhere and going to school there ... Especially with riding, when I was so young, I didn't even realize what was going on, I think. And as I've gotten older, it's so normal now."

Springsteen won't know for sure if she makes the Olympic team that will head to Tokyo until sometime next year.

As for her parents, she says it's relaxing for them to watch her compete and says she's lucky to have their support and passion for her career.

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