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Jersey City Fire Department adds 2 new companies with specialized units

Jersey City adds 2 new fire companies
Jersey City adds 2 new fire companies 00:37

JERSEY CITY, N.J. - There's a big change for Jersey City's Fire Department. 

It's gaining two new fire companies. 

They're the first additions since 1937, and are needed to keep up with Jersey City's growing population. 

"I look out my window the other day, I counted about 34 high rises that weren't there about 10 years ago. Throughout the city there's about another 19 on the books that are going up. and I talked to the Buildings department and they said there are about another 90 applications for high rises throughout the city," Jersey City Fire Department Chief Steven McGill said. 

The new fire companies will house specialized units. 

The High Rise Unit is trained and equipped to fight conditions inside multilevel structures, and the Rapid Intervention Crew will focus on the rescue of trapped firefighters. 

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