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Jeonggangwon Shows That Korean Cuisine Is More Than Food

This February, the eyes the world will be turned toward Gangwon Province, South Korea to witness the amazing spectacle that is the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games. And while the unparalleled athleticism that will be on display at the Games is indeed a momentous event worth attending in person, it is not the only attraction the Gangwon area offers to winter vacationers. For explorers, there's the majestic Seoraksan Mountain. For skiing aficionados, there's the luxurious Alpensia resort. And for foodies, there's Jeonggangwon, the Korean Traditional Food Culture Experience Center.

Ensconced in PyeongChang's gorgeous mountainous area, Jeonggangwon was established in 1999. Its purpose is to preserve, research, promote and distribute the merits and values of traditional Korean culinary culture. It's also a place that all connoisseurs of delicious international cuisine owe it to themselves to visit at least once.

While visiting Jeonggangwon, guests will gain an understanding of how to preserve, prepare and consume Korean food in the traditional manner. As part of its traditionalist mandate, all of Jeonggangwon's produce is farmed in the center's backyard, and all of the core ingredients necessary for its age-old recipes are prepared on site. As such, visitors can start their exploration of the center by getting up close and personal look at how fruits, vegetables, grains and meats are harvested, fermented and stored in the traditional Korean manner.

Later, visitors can take classes instructing them and how to properly prepare and enjoy sumptuous traditional Korean dishes such as kimchi, gochujang, Bibimbap, mackerel ssamjang and much more. Because of the remarkable diversity of traditional Korean cooking, guests probably won't be able to sample all the delicacies they see in just one day. Thankfully, Jeonggangwon guests have the option of staying overnight in a Hanok, a traditional Korean lodging area and continuing their exploration of delectable cuisine the next day.

Whether your interest is exploring exotic new places, enjoying recreational activities in one of the most beautiful places on earth, expanding your palate by partaking in some mouth-watering traditional Korean cuisine or taking in a once-in-a-lifetime athletic event, South Korea's Gangwon Province has a lot offer those looking to getting away from it all this winter.

For more information the on the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games, please visit or to check out Gangwon's official Facebook page.

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